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Celebrate Fourth with Two Historical Musicals

By Loren King | June 30, 2022

If fireworks, parades and cookouts are not your favorite ways to commemorate July 4, two musical films about the founding of the country make the perfect Independence Day viewing. “Hamilton” (2020), available on Disney+, is the superb film version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop-infused Tony- and Pulitzer winning Broadway musical. Director Thomas Kail, who helmed the stage production, takes an inventive […]

Emma Thompson Shines in Erotic Sex Dramedy

By Loren King | June 23, 2022

Nudity and sex may bring the curious to “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande,” now streaming on Hulu, but many viewers will be surprised to be moved more by the touching emotional journey that the characters take. “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande,” about a middle-aged woman’s sexual awakening, rests entirely on the performances of its two leads, who elevate […]

Preservation Society Hosts Highclere Castle’s Lady Carnarvon

By Loren King | June 16, 2022

Lady Carnarvon knows a thing or two about historic home preservation. Since 2001, Carnarvon and her husband, Geordie, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, have lived in and maintained Highclere Castle, the 5,000-acre estate in Hampshire, England that’s been home to their family for 300 years. Highclere Castle is now best known as the setting for the wildly successful PBS series, […]

French Countryside Setting for ‘The Rose Maker’

By Loren King | June 16, 2022

After her recent films, including “The Midwife,” “Haute Cuisine” and “Marguerite,” veteran French actress Catherine Frot returns with another memorable character in Pierre Pinaud’s charming “The Rose Maker,” screening June 18 at the Jane Pickens Theater. Pinaud’s gentle comedy, set in the French countryside, is another reason to admire this earthy, gifted actress. Frot plays Eve Vernet, a rose grower […]

‘Race to Alaska’ is a Thrill Best Seen on Big Screen

By Loren King | June 02, 2022

Even people who have never stepped foot on a sailboat, let alone braved wind and waves in a grueling endurance race, will be captivated by the thrilling documentary, “The Race to Alaska.” Director Zach Carver makes strong use of racer-shot footage that puts the viewer right inside the non-motorized vessels that undertake the daring 750-nautical mile course along the coast […]

Under-the-Radar Indie Films Streaming Now

By Loren King | May 26, 2022

If theater offerings leave you uninspired or if the sheer number of movies on cable seems overwhelming, check out these independent and international films that likely slipped by unnoticed when they were released. All are available now on streaming platforms. What’s not to love about “Anais in Love?” This is French writer/ director Charline Bourgeois- Taquet’s dramedy feature a sensual, […]

Head to Library to Glimpse RI on Film

By Loren King | May 19, 2022

Rhode Island’s beaches, woods and all-around scenic splendor play starring roles in three popular films showing at the Newport Public Library in the coming weeks. Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012); the Katherine Heigl comedy, “27 Dresses” (2008); and the musical classic, “High Society” (1956), will screen as part of the library’s series, “Filmed in Rhode Island.” The series takes place […]

The Dark at the Bottom of HBO’s Twisty ‘Staircase’

By Loren King | May 12, 2022

Colin Firth’s layered, subtle performance is reason alone to stick with HBO’s true crime drama, “The Staircase.” Firth captures Michael Peterson’s awkward, halting speech, as well as the complex mix of sincerity, narcissism and hubris that contributes to his undoing. The first of the three episodes now streaming on HBO begins slowly. But by the second installment, the action gathers […]

Poetic Documentary ‘Cow’ is Mesmerizing, Haunting

By Loren King | May 05, 2022

You may never look at a cow in the same way again. British filmmaker Andrea Arnold’s bracing documentary “Cow” (on demand) may take time to pull some viewers into the Fred Wiseman-like immersion on an English cattle farm. But as cows are routinely milked, handled, herded into one pen after another, led across mud-soaked floors and under buzzing bright lights, […]

In Milestone Year, Filmmaker Steven Feinberg Looks Back at ‘Pell’

By Loren King | April 28, 2022

Screenwriter and director Steven Feinberg, executive director of the Rhode Island Film and Television Office since 2004, is probably now best known for bringing Newport to millions of viewers with HBO’s series, “The Gilded Age.” Newport’s historic mansions, prominently featured in the popular historical drama, will again get a starring role when season two starts shooting on location in May. […]