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Zoning Changes Could Backfire

Please note that the state legislation regarding accessory dwelling units was enabling legislation, not a mandate to create such. I suggest that this City Council tread lightly on changing ordinances before changes compromise the character of Newport. Allowing ADUs in neighborhoods could dramatically increase density.

The better path, in my opinion, is to allow short-term rental units only with a special use permit. That action would free up “investment” properties, as the seldom-seen owners may then be encouraged to sell.

The major issue with short-term rentals has been the difficulty of enforcing the ordinances. I implore you to think of the full-time residents who live in neighborhoods and want to enjoy the peace and quiet of where they live. I am highly doubtful that Newport – or any city, for that matter – can totally enforce ADUs.

I think of the expression, “If you build it, they will come.” Build more ADUs, and we may see a huge influx of more illegal short-term rentals.

Kate Leonard Newport

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