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To the Editor:

On April 18, my letter to the editor regarding the proposed dorms at Salve was published under the heading “Benefits to the Community.”

Two subsequent letters expressing disagreement mentioned issues with traffic and speeding on Ruggles Ave. caused by Salve students. I do not doubt that this is a problem, as most of us in other neighborhoods also have to cope with traffic and speeding, 24/7 and 365 days a year, without the benefit of private security patrols. Some of us also have to cope with large commercial vehicles speeding and using residential streets as shortcuts.

In response to the concern expressed regarding the legality of a non-profit collecting rental income, Salve does rent out areas, but similar to Newport Hospital, it is a non-profit with spin-off entities which allow them to legally collect rental fees.

In response to the concern about Salve not having to pay taxes, for the fiscal year 2017-18, Salve paid the City 1.3 million dollars in direct payments and another four hundred and six thousand dollars in property taxes.

Additionally, according to the presentation “Salve Regina University’s Economic Impact on Aquidneck Island” given on May 9, the university adds 68 million dollars in total value to Aquidneck Island and an additional 23 million to the State.

Also according to the presentation, as part of a B.A. degree in Historic Preservation and Conservation, Salve collaborates with several local cultural resources: The Preservation Society, Audrain Automobile Museum, International Tennis Hall of Fame and Newport Opera House Theater. Apparently, there is no current similar internship relationship with the esteemed National Museum of American Illustration, which seems unfortunate.

Judith A. Byrnes

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