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The Better Bay Alliance



The Better Bay Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the boating expe­rience on Narragansett Bay by identifying, communicating, and promoting safety, accessibility, and cooperation while sharing our wonderful natural resource.

Through collaboration with gov­ernmental, corporate, and private stakeholders, the alliance strives to be a resource for all who wish to enjoy the bay. The BBA is coor­dinating with all types of boaters and clubs including power, com­mercial, sail, SUP, kayak and jet ski with the intention of informing, educating and unifying all boaters to make the waters safer.

Current initiatives include a web­site and Facebook page providing marine schedule information, as well as basic boating training infor­mation, free to the public. Future initiatives include development of a mobile app illustrating a chart of the bay with selectable overlays for graphic illustration of not only the local nautical chart info, but also marine events, marine traffic, and weather. For more informa­tion, visit

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