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Student Musical Imparts Vital Message

To the Editor: Thank you for featuring Aleksandr Kobrynich and his senior project, staging the musical “Cabaret,” in the Feb. 23 edition of Newport This Week.

His motivation to make people aware of the rise in bigotry and hatred is sadly spot on. He’s right – the message is still “culturally relevant” today.

We were inspired to attend the show and were very impressed with Aleksandr’s leadership, performance and sharing the musical’s vital message.

The entire cast and crew are to be commended for the hard work each of them put into making this show a success. It’s also worth acknowledging the generosity of Jonathan Perry, owner of Newport Playhouse, who offered them his venue. What a terrific community collaboration.

Thank you for putting a spotlight on this important program.

Laura Freedman and David Pedrick Newport

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