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Saturday Markets

Amid growing concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus changes are being made to increase the safety of market shopping. Although everyone loves the community aspect of the market, in addition to the supply of fresh, local food, it is now an essential grocery shopping access point, not a social gathering space.

Differences patrons will see:

Growers set up inside and outside to create more space between customers (weather permitting).

Expedited shopping, “grab and go” will be encouraged.

Customers will be asked to shop solo, if possible, rather than bringing family members, partners or friends.

There will be no sampling of any kind until further notice. Take any prepared food to-go and enjoy elsewhere.

Vendors will follow the usual RIDOH guidelines to ensure food safety: Sneeze guards used for any non-packaged ready-to-eat items, such as baked goods. Produce is not considered “ready to eat” and should always be washed at home before being consumed. Vendors and market staff will be extra vigilant about washing hands, sanitizing surfaces, and not attending work if sick.

Other requests:

. Do not attend the market if you are sick or have a compromised immune system.

. Pay with a debit or credit card when possible.

. Only touch a product if you are going to purchase it.

. If you have a friend or neighbor who is in a more vulnerable population (such as elderly, those with respiratory problems, etc.), consider offering to pick up groceries for them so they don’t have to come to market.

All of this is subject to change as the Coronavirus situation evolves.

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