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Rodrigues, Welch to Lead Middletown Council Again

The Middletown Town Council will be led by the same men as the last two eventful years, President Paul Rodrigues and Vice President Thomas Welch.

The two were supported unanimously by their councilor-elects at a special leadership meeting held on Nov. 21 at Town Hall. It was the first meeting of new councilors, who will be officially sworn in at an inauguration ceremony on Nov. 28 at Middletown High School.

“Congratulations to everyone,” said town clerk Wendy Marshall of electees Peter Connerton, Dennis Turano, Theresa Santos, Emily Tessier and Chris Logan.

Connerton, the top vote-getter, and Tessier are newly elected.

Welch suggested the board vote by paper ballot or by voice, as opposed to rendering the motion first. Voice selection was eventually decided upon. “Who voted for whom would need to be made public,” town solicitor Peter Regan pointed out.

The method, Regan added, was not as vital as the need “to be open and public.”

Santos nominated Rodrigues for president. There were no further nominations. Santos then nominated Welch. Again, no other nominees were offered.

Also named unanimously were Francis Holbrook, Municipal Court judge; Robert Silva, first assistant Municipal Court judge; Kevin Hagen, second assistant Municipal Court judge; Michael Miller, Probate Court judge; Barbara Barrow, assistant Probate Court judge; Regan, town solicitor; Christopher McNally and Michael Monti, assistant town solicitors; and Anthony Pesare, solicitor for prosecution.

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