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Power Eyes Committee Seat

To the Editor:

As I was obtaining signatures for my candidacy, I was often asked, “What qualifies you to be on the Newport School Committee?” It is not only my passion for de­veloping the best for Newport students, but also my 41 years of work (as recently as 2019) in 10 dif­ferent Rhode Island public school districts. The various administra­tive positions I have held include principal, vice principal, central office administrator and superin­tendent in three different commu­nities. I worked closely with their school committees. After working 16 years for the Newport Public Schools, I retired as acting super­intendent.

Throughout my career, I re­mained current in educational practices by obtaining 12 different certifications, taking courses from a variety of colleges and univer­sities. As a school administrator, I helped build Thompson, was on the school committee for Pell con­struction, and helped raise over $2 million for the schools.

Growing up in Newport, I at­tended Newport Public Schools throughout. I feel I can help sort through the many issues that the board will face.

Dr. Robert B. Power Newport

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