Newport This Week

Police Report: November 21 – 27

During the period from Monday, Nov. 21 through Sunday, Nov. 27 the Newport Police Department responded to 297 calls. Of those, 79 were motor vehicle related; there were 63 motor vehicle violations issued and 16 accident reports.

Police responded to 1 calls of vandalism, 3 noise complaints, 11 animal complaints, 14 suspicious persons or vehicles, and 15 parking complaints. They performed 4 home/business alarm calls/checks, and 5 school security checks. They transported 4 prisoners, assisted 2 other police department and 1 other agency.


In addition, 14 arrests were made for the following violations:

  • 4 were made for driving with a suspended license
  • 2 were made for domestic simple assault
  • 2 were made for driving with an expired license
  • 1 was made for domestic disorderly conduct
  • 1 was made for domestic vandalism
  • 1 was made for larceny
  • 1 was made for an open container
  • 1 was made for violating a no contact order
  • 1 was made for willful trespassing
  • 1 was made for simple assault


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