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Personal Choices First

To the Editor:

Regarding the “Safety First“ letter in the Aug. 13 edition of NTW, while it is unfortunate when a young person is killed or hurts themself when diving into the ocean from the rocks, I believe that is a choice they made of their own free will.

“Erecting barriers and patroling regularly” to prevent diving and swimming may at first seem logical, but you cannot prevent everybody everywhere from hurting themselves all of the time. Probably an exercise in futility, and at what cost to quality of life?

We are all going to die someday. Let us live! Go rock climbing, scuba diving, hang gliding, surfing, skydiving, biking, cliff diving, swimming in water beyond five feet deep, etc. Staying home and watching tv may be safer, but I would prefer perishing by an activity that brings me joy. The good intentions of safety often become oppressive overstepping of authority. Erecting barriers all along the beautiful rocky shoreline would be hideous. What about fishermen on the rocks? They get washed off in surf and drown in our state every year.

Shall we erect barriers along the whole coast and patrol it to make sure everyone is always safe? Our freedom and liberty is worth far more than our safety.

Casey Fasciano

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