Newport This Week

Newport Police Log

During the period from Monday, April 22 through Monday, April 29, the Newport Police Department responded to 609 calls. Of those, 153 were motor vehicle related; there were 125 motor vehicle violations issued and 28 accident reports.

Police responded to 4 noise violations, 8 calls of vandalism, 18 animal complaints, 17 suspicious persons or vehicles, 3 private tows and 79 parking complaints. They performed 13 school security checks, 14 home/business alarm calls/checks, and transported 5 prisoners. They assisted 11 other police departments and 4 other agencies.

In addition, 17 arrests were made for the following violations:

  • 4 were made for domestic disorderly conduct
  • 4 were made for disorderly conduct
  • 2 were made for obstructing an officer
  • 1 was made for shoplifting
  • 1 was made for domestic breaking and entering
  • 1 was made for DUI
  • 1 was made for willful trespassing
  • 1 was made possession of drugs with the intent to manufacture or deliver
  • 1 was made for possession of narcotics
  • 1 was made for bench warrants

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