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Middletown Zoning Approves Five Unopposed Projects

Several building petitions were approved by the Middletown Zoning Board of Review on March 26, with no dissenting objections by abutters.

The board unanimously approved the revised petition of Paul J. Murphy for a variance to construct a second floor over the garage for an in-law apartment and a 10-by-10-foot addition on the front of the garage for storage at 226 Reservoir Road.

The variance was needed for height and lot coverage increases that are not allowed under town ordinances for that zone.

The petition had been continued from the January board meeting. At that session, two neighbors complained that the building was going to be too close to their property line, but it was clear to the board that the petitioner had worked with abutters to adjust the setback and satisfy the neighbors, who did not attend.

In other matters, the board also approved the following petitions:

– Kurt and Deborah Schultz to construct a detached dwelling unit requiring dimensional relief for additional square footage for a two-family residence at 31 Elmwood Ave.;

– Joseph M. Kobylak to construct an eight-foot-high fence along the southern boundary at 592 Tuckerman Ave. The fence was part of an agreement between the petitioner’s neighbor at 576 Tuckerman Ave. that a fence would be built to separate the two lots, creating privacy, and denoting the exact property lines;

– Andy Paris to construct a 12 sq. foot rear deck at 138 Oliphant Lane.;

– Bank Newport to install two wall signs where one is permitted at 528 West Main Road.

The petition of Bruce and Cheryl Munick to expand the two-family structure by adding 306 feet to the foundation and a 1,380-squarefoot deck at 612 Tuckerman Ave. was continued to April 30.

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