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Middletown Police Remove Firearms

On 04/08/2022, the Middletown Police Department executed a search warrant and an arrest warrant at 107C Lawrence Street.  The warrants were the result of an investigation into Jeremy Speck, 43 years old, who was believed to be in possession of several firearms.  Jeremy was convicted of a crime of violence in Texas, charged as Deadly Conduct.  This conviction classifies Jeremy as a person prohibited from possessing firearms.

Jeremy’s son, Xavier Speck, 24 years old, was also focused on during the investigation as it was believed that he was purchasing the firearms for his father, knowing that Jeremy had been denied the legal ability to make the purchases.

With the assistance of the Rhode Island Violent Fugitive Task Force and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), entry was made into the apartment at about 7am.  Both Jeremy and Xavier were detained without incident and the apartment was searched.

While searching the apartment, investigators located 47 firearms in Jeremy’s bedroom including a loaded handgun within his reach from the bed and an unsecured fully loaded AK-47.  A large quantity of ammunition and a bullet-proof vest were also located in the room.  Firearms were also found in Xavier’s bedroom and the living room area of the apartment.

In total, 79 firearms, a large quantity of ammunition and a bullet-proof vest were removed from the apartment.

Xavier admitted to investigators that he had purchased firearms for his father knowing that Jeremy was legally prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms.

Jeremy was charged with 51 counts Possession of a Firearm by a Person Convicted of a Crime of Violence, 2 counts of Providing False Information in Attempting to Purchase a Firearm, and 1 count of Possession of Body Armor by a Person Convicted of a Crime of Violence.

Xavier was charged with 4 counts of Providing False Information to Purchase a Firearm.

Jeremy and Xavier were transported to Newport County District Court to be arraigned on their charges.  Jeremy was released after posting bail of $15,000 with surety.  Xavier was released after posting bail of $2,500 with surety.  Both are scheduled to appear in Superior Court in June.

3 responses to “Middletown Police Remove Firearms”

  1. Why would anyone need all them guns in their home and body armor what other plans

  2. What in the world would anyone need with all those firearms in their home what are their plans with body armor and what not whole bunch of ammunition

  3. Alexander B Wharton says:

    There are some very nice collectible firearms there. It is a shame that they will all be destroyed

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