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Malama’s Ocean Race Voyage



Considered the most demanding of known sailing races, crews onboard high-performance racing vessels in The Ocean Race will circumnavigate the globe over the course of six months, making stops in eight cities worldwide including Newport, this May. The Rhode Island-based 11th Hour Racing Team is onboard the high-tech IMOCA 60, named Malama, skippered by Charlie Enright, of Bristol. The photo above of Malama was taken on Jan. 15 on Leg 1 of the race.

The Ocean Race is an epic test of sailing skill, tactical decisions, navigation, boat handling, and extreme mental and physical challenges. Before reaching the shores of the U.S., the sailors will have had to conquer 28,650 nautical miles (approximately 89 percent of the route) of open ocean racing between Alicante, Spain to, Cabo Verde, Cape Town, and through the icy and ferocious Southern Ocean, around Cape Horn and up to Brazil. Read more on page 20. (Photo by Carlo Borlenghi/The Ocean Race)

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