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Letters of Endorsement for Newport City Council Candidates

Letters stating support for City Council At-Large Candidates Mark Aramli, Lynn Underwood Ceglie and Xay Rexford Khamsyvoravong.

Letter to the Editor

Aramli for City Council At-Large

I am writing this letter in support of Mark Aramli for City Council At-Large.

I have proudly served our city as a Captain at the Newport Police Department, now retired after 30 years of service. My time there has given me a great feeling on the challenges our beautiful city of Newport and its residents face daily. Housing, infrastructure, finances, jobs, shoreline access, parking, homelessness, cleanliness, taxes, and crime. These challenges exist in real time, and I believe Mark has the experience, leadership, and conviction to help solve them.

Mark is unique among any City Council candidate in recent memory in that he has demonstrated the capability and judgement needed to create and lead one of Newport’s largest and most successful local businesses. City governments are businesses and Mark uniquely understands the best use of money, manpower and policy to achieve the absolute best results for the customers of that business – we the taxpayers.

Mark has been tirelessly committed to public service via his philanthropic and volunteer work supporting Aquidneck Island’s neediest families. Mark and his wife Ida were recently bestowed the 2022 Keeper of the Dream award by the MLK Community Center, their highest honor given to those whose outstanding contributions most embody the ideals of Dr. King.

Another reason I am supporting Mark is that he is one of the only City Council candidates basing his platform on the importance of public safety and investing in keeping our neighborhoods secure. Mark also has a plan to reign in the open pipe motorcycle noise problem which has been getting worse and not better every year, ravaging residents who live on our busy streets.

On a personal basis, I have gotten to know Mark and he is a giving and compassionate family man. Mark has the leadership experience and kind demeanor to work collaboratively with fellow councilors and the City Manager in the best interest of our residents.

We are at an intersection; change is coming to Newport whether we like it or not. We need practical minded leaders with track records of success to guide us into the future. We need Mark Aramli on Newport’s City Council. Vote for Mark, you can learn more about this very remarkable person at his website at

Russell Carlone, Retired

Newport Police Department


Ceglie a Tireless Worker

This election day we are asking for your vote for our mom, Lynn Underwood Ceglie, for Newport City Council At-Large. Over the past eight years we have watched her work tirelessly for the people of Newport to improve the city. She is wholeheartedly committed and exceptionally responsive to the community and has been a passionate amplifier for those who need their voices and perspectives heard.

So much of the change that has occurred for the betterment of Newport has been because of our mom’s behind the scenes work. This election day, please vote for Lynn Underwood Ceglie.

Chase and Mia Ceglie



Experience Matters, Xay For Newport

Finally, a born and educated Rhode Islander who has the experience and know-how needed to address this city’s fast-changing issues is running for an at-large seat on the Newport City Council.

Over the past two decades, Xay Rexford Khamsyvoravong has served in this state’s government, worked in the financial sector, and volunteered his time and talent on boards and committees of RI’s philanthropic ventures, including Sail Newport. This link, shows how Xay’s past experiences and sterling academic credentials will make him effective on priorities to help Newporters—housing, education, infrastructure, and transportation—if elected to the City Council.

Xay has the conviction to work collaboratively with fellow councilors and the City Manager in the interest of the city at large.

He has tirelessly campaigned across every neighborhood, demonstrating the servant-leadership this City needs.

Good-natured, focused, and energetic, Xay will give us a much-needed fresh approach to the Council.

Lisette Prince Newport


Vote Xay for Newport City Council

After attending the Newport City Council Candidate Forum, I walked away incredibly impressed by Xay Khamsyvoravong. There is no doubt that Newport needs Xay and his experience on City Council.

It’s not every election cycle that Newport has a candidate with the skills and credentials like Xay’s. Xay’s impressive resume is at Xay- but it’s important to highlight his well-rounded public finance, legal, policy, and civic experience. As a retired math teacher and volunteer at the MLK Center, I know numbers matter, but what we do with the numbers matters more.

Xay’s extensive public finance experience means that he brings expert skills to public budgeting. Xay’s legal and policy experience means that he brings the know-how of the public governance process to set policy that drives the budget. Xay has the civic leadership experience to understand the wide-reaching impact good policy and strong finances has for years to come.

Elect Xay, an experienced leader.

Keith Grove and Gene Thompson-Grove


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