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JYC Spring Series Race Results

The Jamestown Yacht Club held the fourth race in its spring series on May 31. The following are the results for the race:

A Class: 1. Katahdin, Farr 40, Trevor Nelson; 2. Aurora, R/P 66, Rich Moody; 3. Nyabinghi, C&C 30, Peter McClennen; 4. Vento Solare, J/109, Bill Kneller; 5. Silverback, C&C 30, Jim Stone; 6. Leading Edge, J/109, Tom & Diana Sutton; 7. Resolute IV, IMX 40, TD Arndt; 8. Spirit, J/92S, EC Helme; 9. Little Big Man, C&C 30 OD, Randall Shore; 10. Floating Point, Frers 40, Roy Guay; 11. Hawksbill, Beneteau First 27 SE, David Wilson.

B Class: 1. Barfly, J/24, Rob Lambert; 2. Epiphany-33673, S2 9.1, Jeff Roy; 3. Luna, Albin Nova, Chris Brown & Samira Hakki; 4. Vorpal, J/80, Steve Parks; 5. Phantom, J/80, Victor & Eric Bell; 6. Lead Mine, J/80, Douglas Young; 7. Party Tree, J/80, Cushing, O’Neil, Snyder, Filimon; 8. J Rhino, J/70, Chase Crawford; 9. Eagle, J/80, Peter McCarthy.

C Class: 1. Presto, Star, Dwight Escalera; 2. Serendipity2, Freedom 30 SD, Gary Venable; 3. Picante, J/109, John Sahagian; 4. WIND, Pearson Ensign, Dennis Nixon; 5. Chairman Arafat, Electra, Rob Bestoso.

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