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HDC Denies Sign on Washington Square

The Historic District Commission denied a proposal on April 18 to add a sign for The Public’s Radio on the second floor of 17 Touro St., the Horgan Building in Washington Square.

Cheryl Hatch, Newport bureau reporter for the radio station brought forward the application, telling the HDC that “the location was chosen purposefully to be a visible community member.”

Currently, a paper sign is affixed to the doorway between shops Bobbles and Lace and Little Chateau. A similar sign is taped to the inside of a window on the second floor of the building.

HDC member James Madson said there are not many signs on second floors elsewhere in Washington Square, while Karl Bjork said the sign “throws the balance off.”

The HDC voted 5-1 against the proposal, with Rosemary O’Brien in favor.

Hatch said that the owner of the property was enthusiastic and that “no one indicated that getting a sign on the second floor would be an issue.” Bjork and Madson suggested Hatch look into adding a sign to the glass door leading to the office.

Sally Eisele, Chief Content Officer & Managing Editor for The Public’s Radio, told NTW that “we are obviously surprised and disappointed. We were assured by the Preservation Planner that [the sign] would be approved.”

Prior to adjournment, Bjork brought forward a policy statement on Application Continuance for initial discussion. According to Bjork, the suggested policy change addresses continued applications that had no action taken in the last four months. The purpose, Bjork said, is to remove applications that “jam up our agenda.”

HDC member Deanna Amorello suggested a 90-day deadline out of a concern that “four months may be a little bit too long.”

The HDC will continue to work with Patricia Reynolds, the director of planning and Jillian Chin, preservation planner to revise the policy statement prior to it coming to a vote.

Applications were continued to:

n Replace four front porch columns at 11 Kay St.;
n Replace two steel doors and 16
windows at 56 Bridge St.;
n Replace a slate roof with European composite slate at 28 Fair St.
The HDC approved:
n Construction of a detached
greenhouse and shed at 63 Webster St.;
n Replacement of an asbestos shingled roof with cedar shingles at 6 Bridge St.;
n Modification to a rooftop antenna at 16 Ochre Point Ave.;
n Construction of a single-story,
in-law addition at 24 Red Cross Ave.;
n Modification to an approved
plan by flipping the original floorplan at 11 Ocean Heights Road.;

n Alteration of the roof to include
installation of slate shingles at 39
Touro St.;
n Restoration of windows at 39
Kay St.;
n Replacement of asphalt shingles, damaged gutters and windows at 44 Everett St.;
n Demolition of a single-family
dwelling and construction of a
two-story, single-family dwelling
at 2 Janet Terrace;
n Replacement of asphalt shingles and the installation of two
skylights at 68 Prospect Hill St.;
n Replacement of exterior siding,
a porch roof and door at 8 Oakwood Terrace;
n Moving the building six feet
back to allow for a parallel parking
space at 5 Russo Court;
n Replacement of all windows
and doors, the addition of one
window, and alteration of the front
stairs at 25 Winans Ave.

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