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Endorsement for Muenter

To my Newport neighbors,

I am writing today in support of Kendra Wilson Muenter, candidate for Newport School Committee.

I have known Kendra for the past seven years, serving beside her as a volunteer for the Pell PTO and now the Thompson PTO. In those seven years, I have learned many things about Kendra that make her one of my top choices for the NSC:

● Kendra is a hands-on supporter of our local public schools. As a parent volunteer and PTO leader, she has given countless hours of her time and talents to raise money, build community, and organize events to better the lives of our students and staff.

● Kendra is invested in the future of our children. When our high school was given the dubious distinction of “worst facility in RI” and our elementary school was bursting at the seams, Kendra was a founding member of Building Newport’s Future, a grass-roots organization that worked tirelessly to pass the School Bond in 2020. The successful passage of that bond led to the expansion of our elementary school and will give our students a high school where all students can thrive. (Kendra will make sure of that, since she is also a member of the School Building Committee!)

● Kendra is an engaged and informed citizen. In addition to her parent volunteer responsibilities and her educational activism (as well as the responsibilities of work and family), Kendra somehow manages to stay informed and educated about a vast array of issues impacting our community. She is well-known by our city leaders, but she also knows community members from all of our neighborhoods. As a Newport School Committee member, I believe that Kendra would be an incredibly effective liaison between citizens and our elected officials.

Please cast your vote in this very important election next Tuesday, November 8th and please support my friend, Kendra Willson Muenter in her campaign — she will be a powerful voice for students, parents & taxpayers.


Jennifer Gee, Newport

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