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Don Winslow – City of Dreams

“It’s a crime classic. Winslow’s best book, by far. You won’t put it down.”

— Stephen King


“Winslow is one of three living crime writers that I am hopelessly addicted to. City Of Dreams is a mesmerizing coast-to-coast crime epic.  Danny Ryan is a good guy, a bad guy, a wonderfully complicated, unforgettable human. City of Dreams is part of a trilogy but you can start anywhere.

So go ahead, start.”

-James Patterson





#1 internationally bestselling Don Winslow delivers the highly anticipated second volume in his celebrated American masterpiece


ON SALE APRIL 18, 2023


“As he did in the Cartel trilogy, Winslow adeptly manages the comings and goings of a large cast of characters. . .. By the end of this well-crafted, troubling epic, enough people are left standing to offer hope of a future for these deeply flawed families. That, plus a hint that Danny Ryan is heading to a ‘warmer shore,’ should lure readers to the next installment of what’s shaping up as Winslow’s next juggernaut of a modern-day epic.”

— Los Angeles Times on City on Fire


With City on Fire, Don Winslow delivered the best reviewed crime novel of 2022, topping over 20 best-of-the-year lists, receiving rave reviews from the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and many others.


Now, the #1 internationally bestselling author of the Cartel trilogy (The Power of the Dog, The Cartel and The Border), gives readers CITY OF DREAMS, the dramatic second novel in a momentous crime trilogy begun with the “superb” (Stephen King) instant New York Times bestseller City on Fire.


CITY OF DREAMS finds Danny Ryan on the losing side of a bloody East Coast crime war, and on the run. The Mafia, the cops, the FBI all want him dead or in prison. With his little boy, his elderly father, and the tattered remnants of his loyal crew of soldiers, he makes the classic American migration to California to start a new life.  A quiet, peaceful existence.


But the Feds track him down and want Danny to do them a favor that could make him a fortune—or kill him.  When Hollywood starts shooting a film based on his former life, Danny demands a piece of the action and begins to rebuild his criminal enterprise. After falling in love with a beautiful movie star who has a dark past of her own, their worlds collide in an explosion that could destroy them both, leaving Danny Ryan in a fight for his life.


From the shores of Rhode Island to the deserts of California, from the power corridors of Washington where the real criminals operate to the fabled movie studios of Hollywood where the real money is made, CITY OF DREAMS is a sweeping saga of family, love, revenge, survival, and the fierce reality behind the dream.  Hollywood. The city where dreams are born…or where they go to die.


Winslow published his first novel, A Cool Breeze on the Underground in 1991, but he’s been writing this trilogy for decades.  And as he looks toward retirement after the publication of the final installment in this crime trilogy in 2024, the parallels between Danny Ryan’s journey and his own life have never been more apparent.  As a young man, Winslow fled his small Rhode Island hometown for adventure and success—also landing in Hollywood, where he was able to bring his stories to the big screen, including the Oliver Stone-directed Savages, and the upcoming FX adaptation of Winslow’s bestseller, The Border.


CITY OF DREAMS, along with City on Fire and City in Ruins, the final installment of the saga due out next year, will go down in history as one of the most ambitious crime trilogies ever conceived.  Readers will follow Danny Ryan’s voyage, inspired by the classic Greek myth of Aeneas, as his sojourn delivers him to his ultimate empire.  With these three novels, Winslow forges a dynasty and cements his title as “one of America’s greatest storytellers” (Stephen King).


DON WINSLOW is the author of twenty-three acclaimed, award-winning international bestsellers, including six New York Times bestsellers (SavagesThe Kings of CoolThe CartelThe ForceThe Border and City on Fire). Savages was made into a feature film by three-time Oscar-winning writer-director Oliver Stone and a screenplay by Shane Salerno, Winslow and Stone. Winslow’s epic Cartel trilogy has been adapted for TV and will appear as a weekly series on FX in 2023. The Force is soon to be a major motion picture from 20th Century Studios starring Matt Damon with James Mangold directing from a Scott Frank screenplay. Additional Winslow books are currently in development at Netflix, Warner Brothers, Sony and Working Title and he has recently written a series of acclaimed short stories for Audible narrated by four-time Oscar nominee Ed Harris.

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By Don Winslow

On Sale March 14, 2023

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“The crime fiction canon has no shortage of memorable mob sagas by such masters as Puzo, Ellroy, and Lehane. City on Fire, with its large cast of memorable characters and low-key allusions to classical literature, maintains Mr. Winslow’s well-earned place in these ranks.”

— Wall Street Journal


“A masterwork of mob fiction. . . City on Fire does for Rhode Island what David Chase’s The Sopranos did for New Jersey. . . It’s Winslow’s ways with character, as well as his fluid narrative and highly visual scene-setting, that suggest this novel, the first in a planned trilogy, could well end up in the American-mob canon along with the works of Puzo, Scorsese and Chase.”

— Washington Post


“[Winslow’s] books. . .. are adrenalized plot machines whose pages seem to turn themselves. . .. You don’t read City on Fire so much as you let it take you for a ride.”

— USA Today


“Superb. This is storytelling with a keen edge. City on Fire is exhilarating to read.”

— Stephen King


“Epic, ambitious, majestic, City on Fire is The Godfather for our generation.’

— Adrian McKinty, #1 international bestseller and New York Times bestselling author of The Chain


“Pure genius! Nobody can bring such grit and such heart to crime fiction as Don Winslow—and with such a unique and compelling stylistic voice. This sprawling novel, populated with breathtakingly real characters, will grip you from the first page and never loosen its hold, and that remains true long after you’ve turned the last page. And what a delight that this is the first of a trilogy. Can hardly wait for the others!”

— Jeffery Deaver on City on Fire


“A blistering novel filled with anger and bite. . .. Plenty of pain for the characters, plenty of thrills for the reader.”

— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


“Winslow’s epic slow-burner, full of richly layered characters and tender personal struggles, bubbles to an intricate, exciting climax. Crime fiction fans will eagerly await the sequel.”

— Publishers Weekly (starred review)


“Stunning . . . Echoing Homer’s epic Iliad, Winslow delivers a fast-paced, intense, and brooding story. It’s perfect for readers of William Boyle, James Lee Burke, and Dennis Lehane.”

— Library Journal (starred review)


“This completely immersive opening act signals a trilogy in the offing that will possess all the power of Winslow’s celebrated Cartel novels.”

— Booklist (starred review)


“A superior example of the gangster genre.”

— Sunday Telegraph (UK)


“Winslow’s previous Cartel trilogy is an astonishing achievement that will be hard to beat, but on the strength of this immersive and humane tale of fate, free will, loyalty and betrayal, his new series will rank alongside it.”

— The Guardian (UK)


“No one fuses action with emotion like Winslow.”

— The Times (UK)


“Expert and convincing, with plenty of plot surprises.”

— Toronto Star


“Remarkable . . . breathtakingly panoramic and infinitesimally focused.”

— Financial Times


“An intricately woven crime story. . . . Propulsive.”

— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“This superb novel, by the writer of the Cartel trilogy of narco-thrillers, is a bloody tale of greed, lust and violent retribution, and based on various Greek myths, including Helen of Troy.”

— The Sun (UK)


“The dialogue and action ring true and move the story along quickly, with Winslow’s skillful blending of culture, nationality and even race creating an atmosphere that is as convincing as it is compelling. And the end of the first volume in the planned series will leave readers ready for more.”

— St. Louis Post-Dispatch


 “As he did in the Cartel trilogy, Winslow adeptly manages the comings and goings of a large cast of characters. . . . By the end of this well crafted, troubling epic, enough people are left standing to offer hope of a future for these deeply flawed families. That, plus a hint that Danny Ryan is heading to a ‘warmer shore,’ should lure readers to the next installment of what’s shaping up as Winslow’s next juggernaut of a modern-day epic.”

— Los Angeles Times


“Winslow is a master.”

— Boston Globe


“City on Fire is superb. Danny is an engaging character, a young man caught up in unwanted destiny. But the zinger is the dialogue. It rings so true that you might think you’re eavesdropping in an Italian restaurant or an Irish bar in an ethnic neighborhood in Providence.”

— Denver Post


“It’s a brilliantly crafted tale in its own right — standing apart from its classical model — a moving evocation of familial and marital love, of friendship and loyalty, and of redemption from near-tragedy.”

— Washington Independent Review of Books


“Operating at the peak of his game. . . Winslow has always excelled at portraying the seedy exploits of mobsters and corrupt police on an operatic scale. . . . When the bodies start inevitably piling up, the stakes of this local gang war couldn’t seem higher.”

— Shelf Awareness


City on Fire, the latest thriller by Don Winslow, is unapologetic, brutal, and in-your-face — as any good crime novel should be. But City on Fire is better than good.”

— Chapter 16


City on Fire is a crime novel you won’t put down voluntarily. It’s an instant classic in the genre.”

— New York Journal of Books


“A complex and dizzyingly hooky story of warfare between Irish and Italian mobs in Providence during the 1980s, City on Fire shows Winslow riffing in virtuoso fashion using such intriguing source material as the Aeneid and the Iliad. There are no strands of Life’s Gordian knot Winslow doesn’t expertly tug here, and the characters and plot layers are phenomenal. It’s so good I plugged in an industrial blade-fan so I could get the pages to turn faster.

— The Day (CT)


City on Fire is a real barn burner that sees Danny Ryan looking into the sun, imagining what the future will bring for him. I am right there next to him, eagerly awaiting the trials and tribulations that he will be forced to undergo in the middle part of this impressive saga.”

— Bookreporter


“A tour-de-force of the criminal underground. . . . A fierce, biting read.”

— The News Courier

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