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City Council Wants Better Park Protection

The Newport City Council unanimously accepted a resolution on April 27 requesting regulations to prohibit open fires at Storer Park on the Point, which was soon amended to include all parks.

Councilor Kate Leonard introduced the resolution, with an assist by Mayor Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, to center on curtailing fires after an incident at Storer Park with a still-smoldering overnight campfire that prompted panic for residents.

About one year ago, Leonard said, the Point Association met with city manager Joe Nicholson, Jr. about repeated incidents. Leonard said there were no ordinances on the books to curtail such activities. She wanted consistency with enforcement. Napolitano and others expanded the discussion to all parks.

There was also a promise of a better police presence at the Point. The matter was referred to the Tree and Open Space Commission for a recommendation.


In other matters:

The council unanimously accepted the Newport Language Access Plan that city spokesperson Tom Shevlin said, “makes sure that City Hall is welcoming to everyone.”

The city has collected data from the census for the past year and, working with councilor Elizabeth Fuerte, Newport Public Schools and other outlets, has formed a document that assists those who speak another language and those who are also hearing impaired. As the population changes, Shevlin said, the document will change and be developed before adoption into the city budget.

The council unanimously approved the following sidewalk café license renewals:

*Bar Cino, Washington Square;
*Caleb and Broad, 162 Broadway;
*Corner Café, 110 Broadway;
*Fastnet, 1-3 Broadway;
*Fifth Element, 107-111 Broadway;
*Hungry Monkey, 124 Broadway;
*Leo’s Market, 162 Broadway;
*Malt, 150-154 Broadway;
*Nikolas Pizza, 38 Memorial Blvd.;
*Panera Bread; Long Wharf
*Parlor Bar & Kitchen, 200 Broadway;
*Pour Judgement, 32 Broadway;
*Restaurant Bouchard & Revolving Door, 505-509 Thames St.;
*Scales & Shells, 527 Thames St.;
*Scratch, 88 Broadway;
*Stoneacre, Washington Square;
*Tavern on Broadway, 16-18 Broadway.

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