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Charles Laranjo and daughter, Wendy with his Congressional certificates.

Charles Laranjo and daughter, Wendy with his Congressional certificates.

State Honors Charles Laranjo

Rhode Island’s House of Representatives and Senate presented Charles Laranjo with citations of appreciation for his long- time service and dedica­tion to the Miantonomi Park Commission, New­port Housing Authority, Newport Waterfront Com­mission, Newport Demo­cratic Committee and for his role as Newport Yacht Club Commodore at a re­ception at Greenvale Vine­yards in June.

Senator Jack Reed also gave Larango a certificate of accomplishment for his 30 years with the Newport Dem­ocratic Committee and his re­cent retirement as chair.

Family, friends and fellow Elks members were joined by many local and state dignitaries including David Cicilline, Lauren Carson, Marvin Abney and Susan Taylor in hon­oring him for his many years of volunteer service.

Zoning Extends Salve Hearing into October

The Newport Zoning Board of Review has set what they insist will be the final series of hearings for two student dormitories that Salve Regina University has been trying to build for more than four years.



On July 25, the board set hearing dates of Aug. 31, Sept. 21 and Sept. 22 for attorneys to complete all testimony and rebuttal. Zoning Chair Samuel Goldblatt allowed for the third date to sum up possible “counter rebuttal” from opponents and their attorneys after Salve Re­gina completes all its extended arguments.

“That is the goal, and we ex­pect you to make every effort to complete all the testimony,” Goldblatt said to attorney Jay Lynch, who was the only lawyer present in council chambers this week representing the neigh­bors

Salve Regina has a team of at least three attorneys, while three opposing attorneys represent objecting abutters in a saga that goes back to 2018. The plan would knock down five buildings and erect two dormitories to ac­commodate 400 students.

Goldblatt also set the last hearing for Oct. 7 and chair said he is “hopeful, for a decision on this matter” by the week of Oct. 13.

“That’s the schedule we plan to maintain,” he said.

The chair said the case will not be extended further.

James Merolla

Seeking Foster Grandparents

The East Bay Foster Grandparent Program is recruiting members 55-and-over to serve as volunteers in local schools, libraries, Head Start programs and other non­profit organizations throughout the East Bay. Talents and interests will be matched to the needs of children in the community.

Foster grandparents receive a tax-free stipend, ranging from $45 to $120 per week, which will not affect any federal, state or local benefit or entitlement. Foster grandparents also receive a travel allowance, meals during service, paid holidays and accident and lia­bility insurance while serving.

Foster grandparenting is part of the East Bay Community Ac­tion Program. To become a foster grandparent, contact Diane Palmer, program coordinator, at 401-712-2743.

11th Hour Racing Art Contest

Newport-based 11th Hour Racing Team will set sail for Europe with a special souvenir onboard. 8th grader, 14-year-old Zen Mc­Millan from Thompson Middle School, won the team’s art compe­tition with an original drawing of an anglerfish. The team liked the image so much it was installed as a permeant fixture onboard the 60-foot racing yacht ahead of the team’s transatlantic journey.

Skipper Charlie Enright said “I am delighted we will take this spe­cial cargo onboard with us as we prepare to sail around the world in The Ocean Race 2022-23. We will consider this our good luck charm as we make our way back to Newport for a stopover in May 2023,” by which time Zen will be at­tending the MET High School with a focus on art.

Keep an eye out for the 11th Hour Racing Team as they set sail July 30 from Newport to Concar­neau, France before representing the U.S. in The Ocean Race around the world beginning January 2023.

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