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Bald Eagles a Rare Treat

Thank you, Lauren Parmelee and Newport This Week, for the nature column in the Feb. 23 edition about bald eagles on the island (“Bald Eagle Sightings Could Be Indicative of Nesting”). I am thrilled to hear we have a pair and hope they will be nesting here. This is the season.

In August of 2014, I took a photo of what I think was a juvenile bald eagle at Green Bridge on Ocean Drive in Newport. It was sitting on a rock at the edge of the water on the marsh side. I was thrilled to see it, and fortunate enough to have a camera that would let me see him. He was quite large, and I knew he was not a vulture or an osprey. This is the only time I have seen an eagle, and I am looking forward now to seeing more. I have heard reports of them north of the Sakonnet River, so hopefully they will be nesting here soon. I don’t know why this one was in the Middletown neighborhood, but was very glad to see it.

How fortunate we are to live in an area with such diverse wildlife. Please keep up the interesting and informative columns.

Patricia Sawicki Middletown

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