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Another Busy Weekend on Rhode Island Waters; Better Bay Alliance’s Interactive Map, LIVE CHART Helps Ensure Safety

Following up from last weekend’s record numbers of people on Rhode Island waters, there is going to be another busy weekend with a lot of activity. In addition to the Jazz Festival at Fort Adams, the 12 Metre World Championship Race continues both days this weekend.

Saturday will be the busiest day. The Twenty Hundred Club Block Island Race kicks off at 10:30 a.m., and the Bristol Foil Racing begins at 11:30 a.m.

Also this Saturday is the 17th annual Borden Light Marina’s Tipsy Seagull Poker Run, in which powerboats race in large groups at high speeds through the Bay. The race typically starts at the

Braga Bridge in Fall River, then heads to East Providence YC to pick up the first Poker card before heading to Warwick, then Newport, then Bristol, ending in Fall River for the 5th and final card.

The Better Bay Alliance is aiming to save lives by promoting safety awareness through its innovative LIVE CHART, an interactive Google Map of RI waters. Boaters can easily access LIVECHART on their phones, and get up-to-date information about all on the water activities including specific locations and time of events.

LIVE CHART is free to everyone, and a huge benefit to the public. LIVE CHART can be accessed via:


ABOUT Better Bay Alliance

The Better Bay Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the boating experience on Rhode Island waters by identifying, communicating, and promoting safety, accessibility, and cooperation while sharing our wonderful natural resource. Through collaboration with governmental, corporate, and private stakeholders, the Better Bay Alliance strives to be a resource for all who wish to enjoy Rhode Island waters.

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