The Musical ‘Spelling Bee’ Opens March 12

After a more than two-year dry spell, Jamestown Community Theatre is returning, marking its comeback with the delightful musical, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” set to run March 17-20 at the Jamestown Recreation Center. With a tuneful score by William Finn, and a sweet, funny book by Rachel Sheinkin, the show centers on an eclectic group of sixth-graders […]

The Opossums are Stirring

This crazy warm again, cold again weather has everyone confused, including the plants and animals. Last week, I saw my first dead opossum of the year on the side of the road. That means the animal had left its winter shelter at night to find something tasty to eat, only to fall victim to its main predator, the automobile. I […]

Free Trees through HEZ

Newport Tree Conservancy, in partnership with The Newport Health Equity Zone, is offering free trees to residents of HEZ. This program will help plant trees in the area of Newport that is in need of more trees for shade, improved air quality and watershed health. The mid-sized trees will be planted by the city and can be placed on the […]

Merritt Grants

Aquidneck Land Trust is now accepting applications for grants from the Merritt Neighborhood Fund to support the preservation of small parks, community gardens and other natural spaces on Aquidneck Island. Grants range from $250 to $2,500. Applications may be found at Applications must be received by April 4.