2021-04-01 E-Edition

More Than a Million

More than a 1.2 million daffodils will bloom this spring despite the annual Daffodil Days Festival being canceled again due to COVID-19. But this year, for the first time, Daffodillion and Newport in Bloom are teaming up to present “Newport Daffodil Days,” a variety of free, safe-distanced activities during April including the Great Daffy Hunt. Many local restaurants and merchants […]

Birds, Frogs Bring Sounds of Spring

Our year-round avian residents, like northern cardinals, blackcapped chickadees, song sparrows and Carolina wrens, have been singing their spring songs on sunny days for several weeks, and the red-winged blackbirds and common grackles have returned from New Jersey to set up their breeding territories. However, I never consider it really spring until I get a text from Capt. Eric Pfirrmann, […]

High Schools Push for In-Person Graduations

After holding graduations virtually last year, local high schools are making plans to have seniors walk across the stage in a more traditional way this spring. For Rogers High School, graduation will be at Toppa Field on June 10. Principal Jared Vance had been talking with senior class officers for the past few months about the possibility of holding graduation […]

Vaccine Skeptics Remain Unconvinced

With so much public attention on the coordination of vaccine distribution throughout the state and the public’s desire to claw back to pre-pandemic life, what can be lost in the discussion are the thousands of residents who are still unconvinced of the safety or efficacy of the federally approved vaccines. The most recent results released by the U.S. Census Bureau’s […]

Waites Wharf Hotel Opponents Have Their Say

The Newport Planning Board held a third hearing March 29 on the demolition of four buildings located at the site of the proposed 150-room Waites Wharf Hotel. At the first two hearings, the developer’s advocates and experts presented their side; at the latest session, the opponents had their turn. Nearly 18 people spoke in opposition to the demolition. The board […]

Easter Lessons of Yesteryear


White patent leather shoes. This is my first solid memory of Easter. White shoes were given the green light every year starting on Easter Sunday, according to the unwritten code of acceptable fashion timing of yore, and this annual debut was a very big deal in our house. White dresses, skirts and pants had to wait until Memorial Day, but […]

Carson, Euer Introduce State Climate Bill

A pair of local legislators introduced companion bills in the Rhode Island General Assembly that will update and make enforceable the state’s climate-emission reduction goals. The bills recently passed both chambers. In the House, Rep. Lauren Carson introduced the 2021 Act on Climate bill. In the Senate, Sen. Dawn Euer introduced the bill. The legislation would build off the state’s […]

Equity Resolution Passes Unanimously

The Newport City Council unanimously passed a resolution on March 24 that would see the council and the Planning Board work with the city to form an ad hoc committee to ensure that “equity” be included in the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The council has been at odds on several issues since December, but none more so than the […]

Chamber Honors Women of Distinction

In honor of Women’s History Month, The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce is honoring four “Women of Distinction” for their accomplishments, including community involvement, industry impact and professional success. “We were so proud to be able to honor this year’s women of distinction in the Greater Newport region,” said Erin Donovan-Boyle, chamber executive director. “Our … awardees are leading the […]