2020-12-17 E-Edition

Vaccine Celebration

Dr. Anthony Napoli, Medical Director of Emergency Medicine, Chair of Emergency Department was the first one to receive the COVID vaccine on Aquidneck Island from Gail Jackson, RN at Newport Hospital. The hospital has doses for 975 hospital staff members. If you see an ID tag on a hospital staff member, look for the green sticker indicating they have received […]

Vaccine Offers ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’

Words of hope and excitement filled the halls at Newport Hospital on Dec. 15 as staff received the first round of COVID-19 vaccinations. “It will be a difficult winter, but now there will be less risk to hospital personnel.” said Dr. Anthony M. Napoli, medical director of the emergency department and the hospital’s first recipient of the vaccine. “This has […]

Cigar Bar Opens in Middletown

A retired Massachusetts business owner is preparing for the grand opening of a cigar and cocktail lounge in Middletown. The current COVID-19 restrictions will alter some of the service and capacity details, but the Breakwaters Cigar & Whiskey Lounge will open its doors to the public on Dec. 18. Owner Ron Reed, who spent three decades operating a Swansea-based trucking […]

City Council Wants to See a Study on Marijuana Sales

The Newport City Council unanimously passed a series of amendments on Dec. 9 that help define marijuana retail sales, with an eye to study them further in order to deny it, extend a moratorium that is already in place, or open the door for a retail facility. The amendments were passed at first hearing on the recommendation of City Solicitor […]

Doorway Contest Winners Announced

Celebrating 50 years, the annual Christmas in Newport event is designed to commemorate the days when candlelight illuminated the Newport streets for the holidays. The organization raises thousands of dollars for charity every year. The annual doorway contest judges recognized the following entries: The Overall Grand Prize went to Eric Gilbert at 77 Third St. In the residential division there […]

Making Sense of Christmas 2020


If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that nothing makes sense. Rhode Islanders socially distance themselves from squirrels while walking to the mailbox, yet it was recently reported that we are the most infected place in the world. Apparently, we are right up there with Serbia and the Republic of Georgia. How is that even possible? Most of us haven’t […]

This Week’s Conversation with Tom Nichols

War College Professor on the World Stage

Tom Nichols has had a long and diverse career with the Naval War College for more than 30 years, and as a faculty member for nearly 24 years. But you may have seen him lately as a political commentator on TV. He is also a one of the 14 senior advisors to the Lincoln Project. As his interests became more […]

After 100 years, Greater Newport Chamber Continues Evolving

When the U.S. Navy abruptly announced in 1973 that it was pulling its Atlantic destroyer fleet out of Newport and closing the base, local officials were stunned. Just four years earlier, the Navy had forced the state to spend an additional $8 million to change its plans for the proposed Newport Pell Bridge so that it would be high enough […]

Making New Traditions


The reading of Clement C. Moore’s famous Christmas poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” was always a tradition in my Chicago childhood’s household. I can vividly remember 60 years back, sitting on my father’s lap, and listening to him read the words to me. That same Dec. 24 ritual was performed with my children, too, as it was with millions […]