Online Forum Illuminates Candidates’ Priorities

By Andy Long Nine of the 10 candidates for the seven Newport School Committee seats participated on Sept. 10 in an online forum. The candidates gave a brief opening statement before answering a series of questions, followed by closing statements. In this issue, the statements and answers from Sandra Flowers, Raymond Gomes, Robert Leary and Stephanie Winslow will be covered. […]

John Gobis Supports Bova

Over my career, I have had the good fortune to work alongside some of our nation’s most respected mayors, including Los Angeles’ Tom Bradley, Indianapolis’ Bill Hudnut and Charleston’s Joe Riley. Among the characteristics that these leaders had in common was that they were effective communicators, they managed their cities through difficult times with calm resolution and they consistently delivered […]

Isabel Griffith Supports Bova

Four years ago, I was introduced to Jamie Bova. “She wants to be elected to the City Council; you should meet her.” Jamie impressed me, as she was different from any people on the Council. I watched her first term and saw her occasionally “squashed” by some of her colleagues. Her second term has been thrilling. She has brought major changes […]

Kristie Gardiner Supports Bova

Again – Choose Consensus-Building Mayor Jamie Bova for Newport City Council   Vote for Mayor Jamie Bova, a proven asset to our city today, and with our votes, into the future.  Jamie was the top vote-getter in last month’s at-large primary and deservedly so. During my tenure on Newport’s Energy and Environment Commission, I observed and interacted with Jamie and […]

Paul Saunders Supports Bova

I am writing this letter to express my support for Mayor Jamie Bova.  I met her during her campaign in 2016 at King Park.  In 2016 no one could see then the challenges she would face as Mayor in 2020. She has faced several major problems and shown great leadership.  As a second generation Engineer at NUWC  , she understands the need to improve […]

Tara Gragg Supports Bova

I would like to voice my support for the reelection of Jamie Bova. I’ve been a “Newporter by choice” since 2014, when I moved here to dance professionally with Island Moving Company, and Jamie is one of the best representatives I could ask for. Like me, Jamie is among the young workforce this city depends upon; she understands what is […]