John Callaghan Supports Leonard

While I am not a Newport resident, I own Bellevue Wine and Spirits in Newport.  I live in Middletown so cannot vote for Kathryn Leonard but I most certainly would if I was a Newport resident.  Kate has always been very responsive on any and all issues we have and have brought to her attention and she gets results. I […]

Harry Winthrop Supports Sylvia

While I was the Mayor of Newport I had the good fortune to work closely with Middletown Council President Bob Sylvia. I was always impressed with his hard work to make Middletown an affordable and desirable place to live. Bob’s commitment to the town is clear after 12 years on the Council with 6 years as President and 2 as […]

Mardie Corcoran Supports Marshall

It’s disheartening to read personal attacks by Kate Leonard and her campaign toward her opponent, Paul Marshall. Despite the attacks, Paul remains positive which is a reflection of his upstanding character and illustrates why he deserves your vote. Like Paul, let’s take the highroad, focus on the needs of our community, listen to his message and reflect on why he […]

Edward Fay Supports Leonard

I would like to write to you with the hope of sharing one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I’ve been happily living in Newport since 1975.  I am 73 years old and my wife, the love of my life! passed away a couple of years ago. After this happened were the darkest days of my life. Soon […]

Harry Winthrop Supports Holder

We all know what a great place Newport is to live and to work. Over the years Newport has evolved into one of the premier small cities in the United States and it will continue to get better with the leadership of people  willing to put the interests of Newport’s residents first. Charlie Holder is one of those leaders. Charlie […]

John Shehan Supports Leonard

At the outset it is important to thank the members of the Newport City Council for helping to maintain our quality of life. In a difficult and thankless job these individuals have proven their dedication. The candidates, too, deserve gratitude for engaging to run and aspiring to serve. We only hope there is no agenda, external influence or special interests […]

 Geoffrey Sullivan Supports Cullen

I heartily recommend Beth Cullen for City Council. I first met Beth, when she came to work for me in 1980. I was then general manager of the Clarke Cooke House in Newport, and Locke Ober’s in Boston. Beth was just starting out in the world as a young college student who wanted a summer job. She was a bit […]

Richard Sardella Supports Leonard

I hope this letter finds you safe and healthy. I am Richard Sardella. I had the privilege of serving on the Newport City Council for 9 years, 5 years as your Mayor. For 7 of those years I served alongside your 3rd Ward Councilor Kate Leonard. Kate was, and continues to be a voice of reason on the Council. She […]

John Drotos Supports Salerno

Those who have written endorsements for Kim Salerno to represent Second Ward on the city council have done such a wonderful job that my humble endorsement may not sway many voters, but please consider this short letter.  It is true that Kim was not born here nor did she attend high school here, that was a decision her parents made.  However, […]

Richard Sardella Supports Holder

On November 3rd, we will cast our vote in what has been billed as an historic election. Many of us will cast our vote by mail due to the ongoing pandemic. Whichever way you choose to vote, it is important that you vote. Locally we will be voting for City Council and School Committee candidates. A lot is at stake […]