Tom Cahill Supports Taylor

I’m writing in support of Susan Taylor’s candidacy for reelection to the city council at large in the upcoming election. As a proud Newport resident for close to 46 years who relishes every moment living in our wonderful town, I have seen over the years how the quality of the city counselors seriously impact our daily lives. I have known […]

Robert Sylvia Supports Lombardi

If you are ready for a dramatic change in the way House District 74 is represented, vote for the one person who can make things happen: Henry “Rick” Lombardi on September 8.   Rick has brought a sensitive, articulate, and intelligent voice to Middletown and he has the strength to stand up to the special interests that have had a […]

Rocky Kempenaar Supports Lombardi

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the voters of Middletown and Jamestown to support Henry “Rick” Lombardi in his bid to represent Middletown and Jamestown in the Rhode Island House of Representatives District 74 in the upcoming primary on Sept. 8. I have had the pleasure to know Rick and his family for many years and served […]

Steven Sabo Supports Taylor

Susan Taylor is a strong voice for the people of Newport’s North Side.  Residents of our corner of town have large projects looming over us as we go into this election and the next Newport City Council must be composed of individuals who hear and respect our community voices. As the city has engaged with RIDOT to plan the Pell […]

Joseph Hearn Supports Taylor

I write this morning in support of Susan Taylor for reelection to Newport City Council.  Over the past few years I have watched with growing interest the operation of local government, local politics and policy here in Newport.  They have inspired me to get involved in small ways (which I recommend for all Newport residents).   I have observed the […]

Rex LeBeau Supports Taylor

I’ve lived in Newport for over 13 years.  I love the dense, urban feel of the City as well as the access to the quiet and beautiful parks and the ocean.  Through the work I do with the North End community, I’m well aware of the many potential changes coming to Newport and I’m grateful for the representation of Newport […]