2020-06-18 E-Edition

It’s a Simple Ask

Calling them the Zorro Brigade, city councilor Susan Taylor (left) joined Mayor Jamie Bova on June 17 to express gratitude to the volunteers stepping up to help disseminate both masks and information to visitors and locals on Newport streets last weekend. “It’s been a good thing to have the volunteers providing messaging in a positive way,” said Taylor, “and to […]

Boys & Girls Clubs Assists Virtual Learners

As the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted classrooms throughout the nation, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Newport County has continued programs through a virtual platform. The club works to support youth through after-school activities and academic assistance as a way for kids to reach their full potential. Adapted in mid-March, the club developed an online platform to implement virtual programs, […]

Two Rogers Grads Rally for Change

Makalah Chapman remembers a time when those in Newport’s black community had respect for police officers. But now, she said, only Jimmy Winters is looked upon kindly and he is retired. She said that the policing of certain black neighborhoods, like Park Holm, has grown worse in recent years, to the point where if the community is gathered for a […]

Middletown Council Tightens Rules on Executive Sessions

The Middletown Town Council took up discussion at their first in-person council meeting in town hall to clarify rules surrounding executive sessions on Monday, June 15. The issue had been shelved since March when councilor Rick Lombardi Jr. submitted a memo asking to amend the guidelines dictating the handling of notes and other electronic materials produced during these closed sessions. […]

Beloved Fifth Warder Honored with a Parade

On Flag Day, June 14, the Fifth Ward was buzzing with a special event: a welcome home parade for lifetime Newporter Ed Murray. Murray, a U.S. Postal Service retiree and an avid golfer, had traveled to Florida in early February with his wife, Colleen, to visit friends and family. Unfortunately, their plans were thwarted by a medical emergency, which resulted […]

Tempers Run High Over Council Racial Bias Mandate

The resolution was planned to denounce hate. Instead, it created anger. A resolution designed to mandate implicit racial bias training for all city employees and the City Council was tweaked after a 75-minute emotional torrent among those who penned it and the public, who accused older white councilors of “not having a clue” as to its significance. Mayor Jamie Bova […]

World Class Chef Just Right for Giusto


In Italian, “Giusto” means “just right,” and to chef Kevin O’Donnell, the restaurant he’s set to helm at the nearly completed Hammett’s Hotel this summer couldn’t have been better named. “The opportunity came along at just the right time and in the right place,” O’Donnell said in a recent interview with Newport This Week. O’Donnell’s culinary career is impressive. After […]

City Council Accepts Budget, Hears COVID-19 Updates

The Newport City Council accepted the 2020-21 municipal budget by a 5-2 vote at a special June 16 meeting. Mayor Jamie Bova and councilor Angela McCalla voted against it during the weekly Zoom virtual meeting. Bova said that she didn’t think the budget was “reflective of community values.” She did not elaborate on what values she meant. The budget, discussed […]


Keeping the Past Alive with Music

Each generation of musicians has the awesome responsibility of preserving our musical traditions and keeping alive the old tunes that define us. Armand Aromin and Benedict Gagliardi, known collectively as The Vox Hunters, are working hard to do just that. As their name playfully suggests, the pair hunts high and low for old songs to sing. “For the past few […]