Rep. Carson voices support for emergency borrowing

Rep. Lauren H. Carson added her support today for the decision of the Disaster Emergency Funding Board to establish a short-term $300 million line of credit for the State of Rhode Island in order maintain financial liquidity for the state.  This line-of-credit decision includes oversight and reporting requirements outlining how the money is used and does not create any additional spending above the current […]

2020-03-26 E-Edition

Ready for Spring

Greater Newport has more than one million daffodils blooming each spring, part of its Daffodillion volunteer campaign to beautify the City by the Sea. In addition to the flowers along the Cliff Walk, above, there are six other locations where you will find fields of daffodils in bloom. Across from Easton’s Beach on Memorial Boulevard, at the nearby Dunlap-Wheeler Park […]

Daffodils Offer Symbol of Hope

The crocus and daffodils, with their trumpet-shaped blooms, seem to call forth spring after the doldrums of winter, providing a vibrant reminder of brighter days to come. The brilliant yellow, orange and cream-hued flowers that grow from clumps of stalk-like leaves are famous harbingers of the season. They belong to the genus narcissus, named after the Greek god who often […]

Testing Tent Opens at Newport Hospital

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to rise in Newport County, officials say hospitals are preparing for the possibility of a surge in patients. Newport Hospital is licensed for 129 beds, according to Lifespan spokesman Richard Salit. In preparation of a potential surge, some elective procedures and ambulatory visits have been delayed, he said. “The daily [bed count] […]

A Time of Life- Altering Changes

It was a week unlike any Rhode Islanders had ever experienced. As the confirmed positive cases of the COVID-19 disease rose and restrictions increased, people were left to wonder when it will end and life can return to normal. At the moment, life is anything but normal, as illustrated by Gov. Gina Raimondo’s outraged reaction this week to hearing reports […]

Virtual Fun for Kid Activities

With children pulled away from school and sports, local businesses are developing innovative methods to keep them engaged and active. One example is Mermaid Masterpieces, which is offering online paint classes for the first time. “When I started getting cancelations for my parties, I panicked,” said owner Rebecca Killian. “I said, you know what, I’m going to do Facebook Live […]

‘Redefining Essential’


Finally, a good news headline. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared that liquor stores are “essential” and can remain open. I would like to petition Gov. Gina Raimondo to do the same in Rhode Island. In fact, I would like to plead with her, mother-to-mother, not to force me to stockpile alcohol like toilet paper. I care much more […]

Reading While Hunkering Down

This time of social distancing and staying at home nearly 24/7, with an occasional walk or visit to a market, has already become old to many of us. There are only so many closets to clean, boxes of clothing and holiday items to sort through, and cooking one can do. However, you can still read. While you can retrieve a […]

Layoffs Wreak Havoc for Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry remains among the hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak. Marriott International recently announced that tens of thousands of employees worldwide would be furloughed. Evan Smith, president and CEO of Discover Newport, has been on the front lines of the hospitality sector in Newport for decades. “The impact from COVID-19 has been very significant on many industries, but […]