Middletown Celebrates

This year, Middletown’s Founders’ Day will coincide with its 275th anniversary. The festivities are set for Sat., Aug. 18, beginning at 11 a.m. in Paradise Valley Park. The park, which includes the schoolhouse that is the site of the historical society and museum, and Boyd’s Windmill, an eight-vane windmill (pictured here), will be one of two venues for the event. […]

City Looks at Seaweed Removal Methods

Newport has seen new technologies in its harbor remove the plastic microfibers from laundry water washed into the bay as part of an international study. Technologies are also in place nearby, to clean the bay in a variety of other ways. Recently, Newporters have noticed the return of seaweed near and on the beaches. It comes and goes with the […]

Guardians of the Gate

Jim Perry. Richard Laurie. Neil Sullivan. Three men essentially retired from the jobs they engaged in, most of their lives. One worked for the telephone company in New Jersey, another was a vibrant part of Newport’s food and beverage industry, and the third enjoyed a long career at Raytheon. None was willing to retire outright. “For a couple of months, […]

Dangers Crossing Memorial Boulevard

Rebecca Paul always crosses her fingers before crossing the street. Paul has been a resident of Donovan Court on Chapel Street since 2011, and says she is familiar with the risks for pedestrians at the intersection near Chapel Street and Memorial Boulevard, where there have been two fatalities in the past three years. “One time,” she said, “a truck came […]

Newport’s Coaching Weekend

Authentic 19th century coaches drawn by highly-trained teams of horses will return to Newport from Aug. 16-19, in the triennial “A Weekend of Coaching,” hosted by The Preservation Society of Newport County. The public will enjoy free viewing of the colorful and historic coaches every day, as they drive through the streets of Newport and the grounds of the Newport […]

Middletown’s ‘275th’ Finalized

Middletown’s 275th anniversary celebration of its independence from Newport will be all about family fun, jubilance and a focus on history as it marks the progression of a town that began as a sleepy agricultural hub and is now riding a development wave. The festivities are planned for Saturday, Aug. 18, beginning at 11 a.m. in Paradise Valley Park, and […]

Arts Festival Returns to Griswold

Newport is the repository of many treasures of American architectural history. It is noted for the numerous surviving Colonial Era buildings, but the true building boom began around 1850 when Newport became an escape for southern plantation owners and for New Yorkers, Philadelphians and Bostonians escaping the summer heat. This was the start of “The Gilded Age,” a term coined […]

Kids’ Lemonade Stand Sent Packing

On Sunday, two children were gently dispersed from Cliff Walk at the end of Narragansett Avenue, near the Forty Steps, by a Newport Police Officer, for offering lemonade from a stand for donations only. Selling food or drinks, vending of any kind, is not allowed on Cliff Walk. A video was posted Monday on a local Facebook page showing two […]

Annual Opening of Burying Ground

The public will have a once-a-year opportunity to visit the Colonial Jewish Burying Ground located at Kay Street, Touro Street and Bellevue Avenue on Sunday, Aug. 19, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. This historic site immortalized in poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Emma Lazarus features the Egyptian revival entrance and gravestones for Newport’s first Jewish community. This is the final […]

Car Wash Fundraiser

American Heritage Girls will hold a car wash on Saturday, Aug. 11, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at Clements Marketplace, 2575 East Main Road, Portsmouth. The event will benefit Back2Back ministries. Donations raised will be used to provide birthday parties for orphans served by this ministry. Back2back.org.