2019-01-10 / Opinion

Appreciation for Fire & Police Departments

To the Editor:

Thank you Newport Fire Department for responding to my Lifeline call on Nov. 14 at 4 in the morning. It was a blessing! May God protect and guide firemen and police officers when on call.

We know the pressure is on when responding to fires, accidents and other emergencies. Don’t feel you’re alone. Many people are thinking of you when hearing the fire or police sirens sound off. They realize something serious is happening.

In remembrance of years ago, people should offer their prayers when hearing the sounds of sirens echoing through the city. Let’s get back to those days of caring.

I’m sure you have many sleepless nights but know that you are appreciated. You bring comfort and relief in time of need.

May God bless the fire and police department for being there for us 24 hours a day.

Elizabeth Watts

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