2019-01-10 / Around Town

Delays Hearings on Salve Dorms

Zoning Board
By James Merolla

The Zoning Board of Review has delayed to its Jan. 28 meeting the petition of Salve Regina University to build two large dormitories on campus. The application must first be heard before the Planning Board and the Historic District Commission.

The decisions of the Planning Board and HDC will affect how the Zoning Board looks at the plans in the city’s developing Technical Review process.

In another large project, a petition for a 30,000-square-foot house and the demolition of an existing house at 1 Harborview Drive by the applicant, WeLoveNewport, LLC, was also delayed to Jan. 28.

The board denied the petition of Shawn Bohannon, applicant and owner, to maintain a second-floor addition to a detached garage at 10 Hall Avenue, concluding it was not constructed legally.

The board approved the following petitions:

. Tara Griffin, applicant and owner, to construct a 1.5-story detached carriage house/garage at 459 Bellevue Avenue;

. Mark and Deanna Amorello, applicants and owners, to expand a garage by adding a 230-square-foot two-story addition with attached pergola, and construct a second-floor dormer on the house at 30 Whitwell Avenue;

. Patricia Ludwig, applicant and owner, to construct a 74-squarefoot rear stair addition at 65 Third Street.

Two dozen construction petitions were continued until Jan. 28.

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