2018-10-04 / From The Garden

Winners at the Fair

By Cynthia Gibson

Emlen Drayton was the blue ribbon winner of the vegetable category. 
(Photos by Cynthia Gibson) Emlen Drayton was the blue ribbon winner of the vegetable category. (Photos by Cynthia Gibson) At the Norman Bird Sanctuary’s 44th annual Harvest Fair, the fields were mowed, the tents were up and everything screamed country fair!

The sun was out and the Home and Garden tent beckoned. There were several classes for vegetables, flowers, arrangements, and homemade desserts and canned jams and salsas. Seeing jars of jams, jellies, and even a class for homemade Pesto was fantastic.

There were dozens of entries in each category making it an honor to win, first, second or third. There was also a junior baking competition. Many of the baked goods were whisked away to the food café tent, like the large apple pies.

The vegetables were spectacular. The exhibitors truly out did themselves. Varieties of vegetables never seen at a supermarket were on display and you are guaranteed that they can be grown where we live. I saw beautiful Rainbow chard, a huge Blue Hubbard squash, and a Pink Banana squash, which was new to me.

Emlen Drayton stole the vegetable category with his exquisite display of vegetables from his garden. The perfect specimen were arranged in a basket worthy of an Old Dutch Master painter.

The flower division display was excellent and clever. One very unusual category was “Largest Sunflower.” The winner in that category was Kay Kosinski. The dahlia category was timely, in season and magnificent. Mary Ester Corbin won a blue ribbon for her “Small Apricot” dahlia. Anita Owen, in the novice category, also won a blue ribbon for her large-sized bright yellow dahlia. Bravo!

The surprise was seeing a booth of honey and beeswax salve made by fellow Newporter Tita Manice. She had a summer blond honey and a dark amber winter honey.

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