2018-07-19 / Opinion

Battling Our Way Uphill

Readers beware. This is your city. In this issue, you’ll learn of a group of significant decisions facing the Newport community that have been or could be uphill battles. Tune in. Show up. Take part.

Schools: After many meetings in which the Newport School Committee reviewed their finances, crunched the numbers, and revised their upcoming budget, the dollar figure they are potentially asking of the Newport City council is approximately $465,000. One more Finance Subcommittee meeting will be held on July 23. This could be an uphill battle between the school committee and the city council. Are our children and our schools worth showing up for?

At the Newport City Council’s regularly scheduled meeting on July 25, the final action item listed concerns the Purchase and Sale Agreement on the Armory Condominium Unit to the National Sailing Hall of Fame. Could be a late night. Make sure to grab a snack before you go, so you can make it all the way through. And arrive early if you want a seat. This uphill battle along Thames Street has stretched from Annapolis, Maryland, the current home of the Hall of Fame.

RIDOT is proposing seven plans for the Pell Bridge ramp realignment. The residents of not only the neighboring streets but the whole island and the business community can weigh in by sending feedback to the online survey. This project could be an uphill battle for project manager Jody Richards. Take part. It’s your bridge ramp.

Regarding the upcoming election, we were saddened to see that some had dropped out, as the process may have been too much of an uphill battle.

We hope the others will stay the course. With all of us arm in arm, we can take on any uphill battle.

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