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Calendar Rounds the Half

Let us lift up our glass, or several, and swoon, 
In the throes of the sun-soaked bounty of June, 
Weather so fine on an island setting so prosperous 
You’d think the beaches were covered in phosphorous. 
[Well, mostly]. 
There are still some flies in the municipal ointment, 
Key plans delayed, extended, rebuffed by special appointment; 
Overall, we’re humming, and our prospects? We drool. 
And if you plan to build a guest house, well, jump into the pool! 
Consider this mid-year report, unlike any we’ve seen, 
Newsmakers like the Breakers, who won in 2018. 
[And we won’t even mention the national scene.] 
News here on AI enough to vent one’s spleen.
From Jamestown to Middletown, our own newsy entity,
You want all the details? Just read on, there’s plentity.
From harp seals that show our waters seem healthy,
'Til beach combers clean up ocean plastics [dumpers so stealthy!]
From Volvo Races, to complicated zoning cases,
From university dorm plans, now yanked,
To teachers and coaches, gratefully thanked,
From who’s who at a mansion, to hotel expansion,
Here is the Tweet, the InstaGram, the skinny, the buzz
For the half year turn that just was.
Newport and Middletown
Salve Regina couldn’t get their two big dorm plans passed.
Then wanted to change the City’s zoning rules. Whoa! Not so fast.
Rumor has it Salve will resubmit their plan now pruned.
That old college try! Stay tuned!
Near them, The Breakers will now serve food.
Tea and sandwiches, light fare for mansion visitors ONLY, understood?
Last weekend, the LGBTQ community threw rainbow-colored hats into
the ring.
NewportOUT unveiled its first annual Newport Pride event in full swing.
Speaking of pride, nothing matched the 10-day display of hospitality’s grace
That came with vessels racing for their very lives in the Volvo Ocean Race.
Fort Adams became a spectacular, packed international village
Built quickly and impressively on pilings, blocks and timber grillage.
But reality hit hard during the global race, showing how dangerous it can be,
There were several tragedies out at sea.
After months of delay, the Fifth Element Hotel plan finally got its pour on,
[No wonder it took three months…The Fifth Atomic Table Element is
Speaking of new guest houses, they are planned in houses, condos, stores.
All you seem to need to propose one is walls, an architect, and several floors!
Newport City Council voted to control ownership of the Armory on
In order to house International Sailing, what would be the City’s 2nd Hall of
The City Council also approved a plan to mute so-called "talking" buses
After neighbors around the Gateway Center made enough early a.m. fusses.
Newport Schools agreed to hire a new educational planner. Cool?
Such a hire may lead to the 2020 approval of a new Rogers High School.
After protracted studies of other towns, and many a parental/teacher plea,
Newport changed school starting/ending times to the way they used to be!
After seeing cafeteria debts rise in several thousand bunches,
City schools devised a plan to collect from those delinquent paying for
Those schools and the Council still have a very large budget gap.
Excuse me, what 4 percent tax budget cap?
Middletown, however, with so much scrutiny and planning underwent,
Unanimously approved a town budget that only went up 1 percent!
Innovate Newport at last broke ground at the former Sheffield School.
Gov. Raimondo and Mayor Winthrop praised what will be an “innovation”
The greatest joy this month came from school sports, which were boss.
Middletown repeated as state champs in Division II Boys Lacrosse.
Rogers High girls won the LAX state crown, too, but here’s the catch:
This band of soulmate sisters (and three Nunes sisters) didn’t lose a single
Rogers’ track and field also captured the Class C diadem.
The next closest team trailed about 71 points behind ‘em!!
Rhode Island
Let’s get real. Do the PawSox really, really, really have a new deal?
Just ask House Speaker Nick Matiello about those chances
(Soon as he sorts out his creative, pesky $70K misuse of campaign fund
On June 1, hand-held devices in cars were deemed illegal and banned.
Egad! You mean the millennial generation will have to call from land?
June 12 marked the start of state trucking tolls being collected.
Whether they succeed may determine if Raimondo gets re-elected.
Rhode Island is now allowed to indulge in legal sports betting.
I give you seven-to-one odds there is a problem we may be forgetting…
I mean, you know what we know…
Nothing bad ever happened near any casino!
With June nearly ended, a week from the Fourth.
We can only imagine what cuts the next news cycle swarth.
If in Mensa, you are not a member, I will remind you in September.

James Merolla

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