2018-06-21 / News Briefs

Newport Police Log

During the period from Monday, June 11 through Monday, June 18 the Newport Police Department responded to 772 calls. Of those, 174 were motor vehicle related; there were 133 motor vehicle violations issued and 41 accident reports.

Police responded to 4 calls of vandalism, 20 noise complaints, 23 animal complaints, 19 suspicious persons or vehicles, 1 private tow, 1 liquor establishment check, and 94 parking complaints. They performed 47 home/business alarm calls/checks, and 29 school security checks. They transported 4 prisoners, and assisted 3 other police departments and 4 agencies.

In addition, 31 arrests were made for the following violations:

4 were made for shoplifting

3 were made for bench warrants

2 were made for underage drinking

2 were made for receiving stolen goods

2 were made for open container

2 were made for driving with a suspended or revoked license

2 were made for disorderly conduct

2 were made for driving without a license or expired

2 were made for domestic simple assault

1 was made for fraudulent use of checks (over $1500)

1 was made for fraudulent use of credit cards

1 was made for domestic vandalism

1 was made for possession of drugs with the intent to manufacture or deliver

1 was made for failure to have a door to door sales registration

1 was made for simple assault

1 was made for willful trespassing

1 was made for larceny

1 was made for willful breaking of glass on a roadway

1 was made for purchasing alcohol for a minor

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