2018-06-21 / Around Town

Candidates Considered for Thompson Principal

By Andy Long

The final two candidates for principal of Thompson Middle School were interviewed at a June 18 special meeting of the Newport School Committee.

The two candidates are Laurie Sullivan and Joseph Renzi.

Sullivan calls herself a “a proud graduate of Newport Public Schools,” and is a member of Rogers’ class of 1978. She is the interim assistant principal at Thompson.

Renzi is principal of the Maisie E. Quinn Elementary School in West Warwick, a school of 140 preschool to middle school special needs students.

Both candidates stressed visibility, with Sullivan saying, “They need to see a face every day, checking in with them.”

Renzi said that simple things such as smiling and greeting as many students as possible every day sends an important message. “Do the simplest things well. Everything else can be built upon that.”

On at-risk students, Sullivan said, “Discipline is one of those things I’ve always been very strong at and I actually enjoy handling discipline,” going on to say that discipline problems come from bad decisions, not bad students.

“But it starts with this…,” said Renzi. “we adults think [most children] know how to act,” and went on to say that parents of at-risk students often do not reinforce at home what the school is teaching.

The committee was scheduled to meet Thursday, June 21, to resume consideration of the two candidates.

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