2018-05-31 / Front Page

A Sign of Things to Come

A construction screening similar to those often seen in Europe went up last week at the Historic Newport Spring site at Touro and Spring streets. The screening is designed to help passers-by visualize what the site will look like when finished, with trees and plantings in the spot. The Newport Spring committee worked with the city and Kirby-Perkins Construction, which sponsored the screening, to install it around the remediated space. A preferred plan for the Historic Newport Spring Project was developed based on public input, traffic studies, a traffic report and considerations of how to best meet the project’s Four Core Goals. The project began in October 2017 with the installation of fencing and the temporary closure of Court House Street. Remediation included the removal of two, 10,000-gallon gas tanks, hydraulic jacks and contaminated surface materials at the former service station. The site is now capped with clean fill. (Photo by Jen Carter)

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