2018-04-26 / News Briefs

Life-saving Equipment

Middletown Little League now has four life-saving devices, called Automated External Defibrillators or AEDs, in use. If you have been certified in CPR and AED training, please make yourself familiar with them. We have installed three AEDs at Aquidneck fields: one at the snack bar /major field, one at the soft ball field and one at the lower field /minor field. We have also installed one at Oliphant field in the shed. All the AEDs are housed in a white cabinet which is mounted to the wall. Included in these cabinets are First Aid kits; one way breathing barriers; and Initial Physician packets for the AEDs (contents are labeled on the outside of the bags). Middletown Little League will arrange free training for anyone who wishes to learn CPR and AED at a date TBA. For more information, contact Allan Gray, Safety Officer, 401-405- 1080, or algray1725@gmail.com.

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