2018-04-26 / News Briefs

For What It’s Worth

Pictured is a Pietra Dura paper weight recently brought in for evaluation. Small, about 3”x5”, it is made of inlaid marble or slate. The charming picture is a musical theme of a harp, wind instrument and sheet music all beautifully inlaid with colored stones. Called a “Grand Tour” collectible, these pieces were purchased abroad in the late 19th century as a souvenir and were made in a variety of sizes and intricacies. Collectible today with prices starting at around $100 depending on condition and size.

–Federico Santi, partner, Drawing Room Antiques, 401-841-5060

Do you have a treasured item and want to know “what it’s worth?” Send an image, as hi-res as possible, directly to Rico Santi at: drawrm@hotmail.com or 152 Spring St., Newport.

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