2018-04-26 / Nature

Rhode Island’s Sparrow Species

In addition to the house sparrow, which technically is placed in a different family by ornithologists, the state boasts 17 species that are permanent or seasonal residents, or are brief transients as they migrate through the region. An 18th species, the Henslow’s sparrow, was a former summer resident here but it hasn’t been recorded in Rhode Island since the 1960s.

Year-round residents: song sparrow, field sparrow.

Winter residents: American tree sparrow, white-throated sparrows (although they can sometimes breed in Rhode Island).

Summer nesters: chipping sparrow, vesper sparrow, grasshopper sparrow, saltmarsh sharp-tailed sparrow, seaside sparrow, savannah sparrow, swamp sparrow (sometimes the latter two species winter as well).

Migrants: clay-colored sparrow, lark sparrow, Nelson’s sharp-tailed sparrow, fox sparrow (also can sometimes winter as well), Lincoln’s sparrow, white-crowned sparrow.

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