2018-04-05 / Opinion

The First 90 days: Frozen Yet Green

Let us lift up our glass, now that March is a lamb,
(When it was a lion, it really hit…“Bam!”)

The whole winter walloped in numerous forms,
Nor-Easters, hurricanes, blizzards were norms.
(Only slightly harsher than political storms)

First, a ten-day deep freeze that froze us like popsicles,
Then brutal winds gave National Grid thousands of obsicles.

We march into spring, praying for warming,
And editorial opinions most fervently forming.

We salute the outlandish, the scandals, the shakers,
The prescient, those smart in the means and the ways,
Those screaming, attention-starving, giddy newsmakers.

Newport schools reported huge child homelessness spikes,
Some 56 percent over the year before. Yikes!

Sub-zero temps sent adult homeless to shelters,
Warming centers gave them coffee and hot soup melters.

And despite months of white, Newport exits March completely
Amid thousands of St. Pat’s Day events beyond March 17.

Boutique” hotels sprouting like blooming spring plants,
Yachting Center Hotel, Long Wharf, Fireside Inn all advance.

Salve Regina’s quest to build two huge dorms has raised Holy Hell,
Months of delayed hearings, dueling lawyers who object and yell.
Would Salve be better off if they build a hotel?

Marco Camacho reclaimed his council seat with John Florez’s
But failed to get former opponent Susan Taylor’s acclamation.

Two city councilors hope new meeting laws will freshen,
Some question what may or may not be ruled/discussed in executive

Efforts to get the National Sailing Hall of Fame neither succeeded
nor failed,
But housing is still problematic. Has that ship sailed?

Twenty-five police cameras are in place, making the city safer,
Cost those they watch $242,000. Do you get what you “pay fer?”

In Providence, hidden speed cameras issued 12,000 tickets in 33 days,
Prompting ticketed thousands to march on the courts in an angry

Middletown proposed major changes in how to run Second Beach,
After a major summer theft let the town’s grasp exceed its reach.

Facing a series of resident and out-of-towner parking spates,
The council voted to keep the beach campground
but was deadlocked over raising its rates.

Calling it a kind of Open Space gravy,
Middletown acquired 3.25 acres of pristine land from the U.S. Navy.

But a BRAC Committee report made some blood boil after much toil,
Newport can’t acquire Naval Hospital land for three years because of
lead in the soil.

Backhoes and earth diggers suddenly appeared at Sheffield School,
Prompting confused abutters to ask, “Are they digging a pool?”

(It’s part of building a new tech-innovation center to rent someday,
the city’s task…
When? Don’t ask.)

Governor Raimondo hopes a half-billion for new state schools will fly,
Making locals ponder the need for a new Rogers High.

This got front burner treatment for those who are sure,
After 35 officials took a long hard discerning school tour.

Newport suffered an irretrievable loss in award-winning academia,
When Thompson School Principal Jaime Crowley died of leukemia.

To respond and to show that the city is achieving, progressing and
Officials held the first-annual “State of the City” to explain how they’re

In a move that might cause his social ancestors to swoon,
The Planning Board approved the demolition of Jimmy’s Saloon.

Hey, Aquidneck residents, are you smoking that wacky peyote?
Why the #*#*$$ do you keep feeding the local coyote?

Experts don’t want to keep belaboring the point to give you flack,
But (for the 10th time) “IF YOU KEEP FEEDING YOU INCREASE

After Raimondo issued a “Red Flag” order to ban 99 kinds of guns,
Middletown lawmakers met to discuss the deadliest ones.

Middletown native Michael Flynn continues to have difficult legal fee
The Trump scandal victim had to sell his Virginia house just to pay for

Locals went to D.C. in person and in spirit, supporting “March for Our
Will anyone be left to pass sane gun control, someday, if no child
At the State House, another Representative, Nick Kettle,
Had to resign amidst lascivious accusations in proving his mettle.

Rhode Islanders…when will you learn never, never to settle?
If you do, future editorials will heap on the praise.

If not? See you again in 90 more days.

–James Merolla

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