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Plastics are Not Fantastic

To the Editor:

There are so many things to be concerned about in our world and one that is hurting us locally and we can do something about is plastics in our ocean. Being the Ocean State, I would think everyone would be concerned about the amount of trash in our ocean but also plastic trash along our highways, parking lots and in our playgrounds and wildlands.

Any day of the week is a great day to get started on cleaning up our world. Why not today?

A great goal for everyone in the state is to go to CleanSeas.org and take the Action Pledge. This group has as a partner the Volvo Ocean Race, which is due in Newport in May. You can help to greet them by showing your support of their partnership. The pledge asks you, your company, your school, your church, your fire department, your office, your business (hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, boutique, dental office, etc.) our town – county - state government, to pledge to action on three topics you feel you can take on and manage. As individuals:

. Say no to straws

. Remember to bring and use reusable bags everywhere you shop.

. Avoid products with microbeads.

. Use a refillable water bottle – refuse one use plastic water containers.

. Choose products with none or less plastic packaging.

. Bring your own take-out containers. Refuse plastic and foam.

As a company:

. Implement at least three measurable actions to reduce plastic use.

. Encourage your staff and stakeholders in the company to reduce plastic use

. Partner with #CleanSeas.

. Sponsor or support plastic pollution campaigns in our community. Ban the Bag was passed in February in Portsmouth, now all three island communities are supporting this initiative.

. Inspire action and innovation in your supply chain.

. Share your actions with others to influence changes in your work network. Currently, 71,000 people in 40 countries have signed the pledge. We can be a leader in this effort in Rhode Island, if we jump on it with Clean Ocean Access, Sailors of the Sea, Nature Conservancy RI, Block Island Conservancy, Aquidneck Island Land Trust, and others.

Susan Adie

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