2018-02-15 / Front Page

Let the Festival Games Begin

It’s mid-February, and what a time to hit the beach. For polo, that is. Newport Polo holds free beach polo matches at Easton’s Beach as part of the Newport Winter Festival. The matches last approximately 90 minutes, and will be held on Saturday Feb. 17 and Sunday Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. This year, Newport Polo will play against a challenger yet to be determined. The Newport squad, competing for the eighth consecutive year, will ride horses that have been conditioned to compete on sand, and announcers will provide commentary in order for spectators to remain informed and engaged. “There’s something majestic about horses to begin with,” said Agnes Keating, Newport Polo’s general manager, “and then you see them on a beach and it just amplifies the whole experience and makes it something that people won’t want to miss.” (Photo supplied by Newport Polo Series)

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