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The Dangers of Fluoride

To the Editor:

I would like to share this as a follow up to the brief presentation and update I offered at the Newport City Council meeting regarding the growing body of evidence revealing the dangers of fluoride in our drinking water. A lawsuit with national implications is now making its way through the court, with the judge in the case recently granting a victory to the plaintiffs (Fluoride Action Network, International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, Moms Against Fluoride, et. al.) rejecting the EPA’s motion to dismiss. Each year more communities opt to discontinue the practice of fluoridation, and each year researchers document health risks and damage caused by the ingestion of fluoride. It’s so serious a group of dissenting scientists that the EPA has come out in opposition to the practice. Most all of Europe has long since abandoned fluoridation and we are not hearing of increased dental problems.

So, in light of the growing body of evidence and following the leadership of many other U.S. cities and most of Europe, I am calling upon the city council to enact a oneyear moratorium of the city’s fluoridation program in order to study the latest scientific and medical research on the health risks and questionable benefits of ingesting what the Lancet medical journal has identified as “developmental neuro-toxin.” I propose that the city order staff to begin that study and reach out to the City of Portland and other cities who have ceased the practice. I also suggest and request that the Alliance for a Livable Newport, in partnership with the Newport Health Equity Zone, sponsor a town hall meeting to air the body of evidence that suggests fluoridation is dangerous and ineffective as protection against cavities.

Kyle F. Hence

[Letter originally submitted to Newport City Council.]

Armory For Sale?

To the Editor:

Fellow Newporters, take notice. A sale of the Newport Armory is “imminent “ according to the latest news report. Who is authorizing this sale? The fate of the Armory building and its waterfront has been under discussion for sometime, but “sale” has not been mentioned.

The [National Sailing Hall of Fame] has been discussed and that may well be a good use of the property, but only as a leasee. The city of Newport should not even consider the sale of a piece of waterfront property. With the havoc caused by the rampant overdevelopment of the waterfront, no deal should result in the loss of control of this remaining piece.

Please let City Hall know that it is not question of price, but of “whether” and the answer should be “NO SALE.” Contact your City Council people lest we loose one more piece of the waterfront .

Linda Hammer

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