2018-01-11 / Opinion


Short and Sweet

We don’t usually reference national events on the pages of NTW, but the recent and very vocal outcry regarding the abuse and harassment of women, especially in business, academic, athletic, and professional settings, reminds us to remind everyone else to be ever vigilant about respect, kindness, and appropriate behavior toward one another. Although only some of us are part of the problem, everyone is part of the solution.

This past week was our first major winter storm of the season. Seamen’s Church Institute’s “warming center” warmed not only those in need, with food, shelter, and a safe place to sleep, but their actions and commitment warm our hearts as well.

With weeks of winter ahead, we are likely to see more storms. Let’s all remember to show similar kindness. For example, maybe check in with an elderly neighbor, help shovel their walk or front steps. Our city public works and police and fire personnel do a good job of getting out there, no matter the difficulty, but remember to shovel all the way to a corner, so people can cross streets, and shovel to connect one property’s sidewalk space to another.

Perhaps you’ve noticed our editorials lately being “short and sweet,” but we want to be sure to give our letter writers the space they need to share their thoughts and to reserve ample space for news. With many of our loyal advertisers on winter hiatus, our page count is on the conservative side, but visit NewportNow. online for all the “extras” that the print edition doesn’t carry. Spring will come soon.

It's all been said before, but bears repeating: The focus on giving is usually reserved for the holiday season. Being part of the solution, though, may be located in offering generosity every day.

Here are some ideas for how to reach out and help:

Offer food to a homeless person, help an elderly person cross the street, teach your children to go sit down next to someone who's alone at lunch, give blood, or cook a meal for someone who's homebound. Remember to say thank you whenever possible– how often do we commend our teachers or letter carriers on a job well done?

Generosity is nondenominational. It's also reciprocal. Somehow, goodness finds us if we offer it to others. No matter how different from us someone may seem (which can be scary), it's worth taking the time to get connected, to do something for someone who may not have the means to do it for themselves.

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