2017-12-07 / Opinion


Raising Awareness

One of the main missions of all media is to make people aware of their community. Each week, NTW reporters and columnists write their articles with the goal in mind of informing readers of what’s happening around them, so readers can make the right choices for themselves, their families, and their businesses. Our editorials, especially, are written to share our concerns and questions, as readers may have the same ones.

Sometimes, in order to tell the whole story, leaving no stone unturned, we choose to wait and give you all of it, rather than rushing to give you a piece of it that may not yet be verifiable. So occasionally, we make everyone aware of an issue with an abbreviated message and will continue to follow and share it as the matter unfolds.

For example, in what has been described by City of Newport staff as the biggest project under consideration in quite some time, Salve Regina University’s plan to build two new dormitories on campus has been stymied by a series of small technical mistakes that have resulted in the cancellation of two scheduled Historic District Commission meetings and the adjournment of a Planning Board meeting. So, this week we’ll focus on other things and loop back to you next week with more on Salve.

Beyond the printed words in articles and editorials in our paper, display advertising features local restaurants, retailers and other business entities who spend their precious marketing dollars to provide our readers with what’s available to eat, buy, where to stay, and where to take in theater, music, and holiday events.

Speaking of holidays, they are most definitely upon us. So please read the ads and patronize our local businesses as much as you can. This time of year, it’s crucial to ensure that our retailers survive the long winter months ahead. Business is the backbone of our city.

In the meantime, please note the Chamber of Commerce’s “Holidays by the Sea” ad on page 9, where they encourage readers to check out the special promotions offered. The Bowen’s Wharf ad may entice you down to the Wharf.

As media, we also make an effort to support our community by dispatching our “elves” to check out the deals and provide you with suggestions for gift giving.

All in the name of awareness.

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