2017-11-30 / Around Town

Crowley Accepts Post at Rogers

By Brooke Constance White

Jamie Crowley Jamie Crowley Former Thompson Middle School principal Jaime Crowley was appointed as the new assistant principal at Rogers High School in mid-November, filling a position that’s been vacant since late last summer.

Rogers Principal Jared Vance said the decision to bring in Crowley, a well-regarded school administrator in the local community and throughout the state, came after the administration experienced difficulty finding a replacement for Christianne Fisher, who resigned as assistant principal before the school year started.

A native of the Fifth Ward, Crowley began his career teaching French at Mount Hope High School in Bristol in 1997, and later served as department head, assistant principal and director of guidance. He was honored as the 2010 Assistant Principal of the Year by the Rhode Island Association of School Principals, and in 2011 was appointed principal at Newport’s Thompson Middle School before being named the statewide Middle School Principal of the Year in 2015.

Crowley left his post at Thompson early last year and Bob Campion, the assistant principal and athletic director at Thompson, has been serving as interim principal ever since.

“[Crowley] is experienced in public high school administration, and really wants to help grow success here at Rogers,” Vance said. “He’s a top-notch guy and from my perspective, getting someone like Jaime, with his characteristics, qualities and history of success, is a win-win.”

Crowley’s familiarity with the community and many of the district’s families and students is helpful to Vance, who was appointed principal of Rogers last summer after being principal of Kickemuit Middle School in the Bristol-Warren School District. When Vance arrived, he had no previous experience in Newport Public Schools.

“Jaime lives here in Newport, his kids are in the schools and he knows just about everyone here and understands the pulse of the building, which is huge because it’s been a learning curve for me,” Vance said. “He’s highly respected by the staff here because of the work he’s done at Thompson and throughout the community.”

Another advantage to having someone deeply involved with in the community and student body is that Crowley’s been able to hit the ground running and work with Vance on many initiatives at Rogers, particularly those related to attendance rates, graduation rates and education equity.

It’s these problem areas in which Crowley says he has the most interest and experience. When he first began at Thompson in September 2011, he visited every classroom at least once a day. He continued that practice for years. During Crowley’s time at Thompson, the unexcused absence rate decreased dramatically.

Both Crowley and Vance agreed that they are like-minded school administrators, particularly when it comes to classroom environment and pedagogy.

“Jared and I make a great team and he already appears to be a seasoned high school principal even though this is his first position as such,” Crowley said. “He’s got a lot of experience and I bring a lot of history and local experience, and I think together we can work to solve some of the problems we have here at Rogers.”

Crowley, who’s now in his third week as assistant principal, said his experience overseeing guidance at Mount Hope High School prepared him for dealing with similar matters at Rogers, such as the college application process, financial aid and job searching. He said he loves working with high school students, particularly as they realize the opportunities they have after graduation and begin deciding what their futures will hold.

“I love talking with them about the doors that are open to them, whether it’s in colleges or careers,” Crowley said. “It’s such an exciting time in these students’ lives.”

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